Atlanta Safe House is Awesome!

May 2, 2020:
Summary: If I could give them 10 stars, I would. In fact, I do! ★★★★★★★★★★!!!
Here’s why:
I (was) in the market for a gun safe, and had been looking all over the internet to find out what to look for in a safe, and which brands are good. I also wanted to buy “All American” as I’m tired of supporting China. I also visited several local retailers to see what they had and check prices to see what fit into my budget. I was not satisfied by what I saw during my visits because most of the places had limited selections and/or didn’t sell safes as their main product, so they were not very helpful or knowledgeable. Then I found Atlanta Safe House.
I called and talked to one of the owners one evening and asked about a particular safe that I was interested in. She said that they had the safe and gave me the price, which was less than the price I had found looking anywhere else. I asked her if that safe was a good safe and she very honestly said no, it was not and proceeded to tell me the limitations of the safe, but then also told me of other safes they had that were close to the same price, but much better quality. I told her I’d come in the next morning to have a look.
I got there at mid-day on the next day. Introduced myself and reminded her of our call the previous evening. She took me to see the safe that I had asked about and showed me why she did not recommend the safe. Then she showed me the other safes she had mentioned, which really were much better quality and a little more expensive.
Then I asked her if these other safes were made in the U.S.A. She said no, that these were also made in China. I explained to her that it was important to me to find a safe that was made in the USA. She told me the price points of safes that were made in America and showed me some that were the closest to my price point (none of them were, but you have to pay more for real quality). After answering all of my questions about each safe, and making sure I had no more, she left me to think about what I had learned and mull over the various safes and their qualities, but also did come back periodically to check on me to see how I was doing.
Atlanta Safe House is a 100% non-pressure environment where they make sure you have all of your questions answered and are comfortable with what you’ve learned, then they leave you alone to decide what to do. They do come back to check in with you to see if you have any additional questions and spend as much time with you as you want, but they absolutely do not try to push you into a sale (I love that!).
Because I had a lot to think about . . . I was there for about 4.5 hours looking at the various safes, talking with my wife over Facetime to show her what I was seeing and telling her what I had learned. I (we) finally agreed on a safe to purchase.
I found my sales person (co-owner) and asked more questions about the safe that I was interested in. She answered all my questions in her honest, straightforward way. I told her I’d like to get that safe.
She wrote up the sales paperwork and I purchased the safe.
One thing I was worried about though, was how to get the safe into my home because it was a pretty big one, and heavy.
I determined that it would fit entirely in the bed of my truck, so the fact that I didn’t have the proper ropes/straps wouldn’t delay me taking it home (they do deliver and install as well).
Her husband (co-owner) came in later from making deliveries/installations that day and proceeded to wrap and load the safe for me with his assistant. I told him I was worried about handling the safe myself to get it out of my truck and into my home.
He gave me lots of tips on how to do it, what the attention points are, how the safe would act when being handled, and emphasized to not be in a hurry . . . take my time, use leverage and think it through. (He also said that it would be a good idea to get someone to help).
I got the safe home, devised a very safe way to get the safe out of my truck into my basement, onto my dolly and into my home, where it sits right now, waiting to be put into it’s final location.
He also told me how to bolt it down and minimally disturb the carpet that it would be sitting on.
He really helped me understand about the safe and how to install it myself, which really helped me feel more comfortable about purchasing the safe.
I will be installing the safe in just a few hours.
I can’t say enough good things about Atlanta Safe House and their staff. If you want to get a safe from anyone, go there and talk with them. They will give you 100% honest answers, provide all of the information that you need, answer all of your questions and spend as much or as little time with you as you want. For me, it was an AWESOME experience.

As a side note, I did get my neighbor to help steady the safe as I lowered it out of my truck. He said he needs to get a safe and I told him to go to the Atlanta Safe House!

Thank you Atlanta Safe House for such a great experience and for all of your help! I will (and did) recommend you highly for anyone looking for a safe!