Exactly What I Needed

Nate steered me to the best safe solution for my needs. Quickly delivered to my home and carefully guided into place. On delivery day he stayed in touch about the time he’d be arriving. Well done all the way around. Thanks Nate!


The SAFE Place!

There are no words to describe the Awesome folks at The Acworth Georgia Store! My custom safe was met with patience in explaining the many options, professionalism in guiding me to make the right choices to meet my needs, and exceptional delivery service (used twice)! Love, Love, Love this American made Safe… perfect – IAJ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Great Crew

The Atlanta Safe House crew did a remarkable job today, picking up and moving a safe. They arrived on time, and went right to work. Their attitude was always “Git R Done”, and they just went about professionally wrapping and moving my safe. Can’t speak highly enough, recommend these folks for your safe needs. They don’t disappoint. Jim G.

James G.

Great People with Great Products

As soon as my wife and I walked in the door we were treated like family. Do yourself a favor and skip the big box stores and go see them. They’ll have want you need and if your not sure what safe is best for your needs, they will spend the time to help you address and questions or concerns you may have.

Chris, Acworth GA.

christopher m.

Excellent experience!!

I was referred to Atlanta Safe House to buy my gun safe. Jeff was very knowledgeable and great to work with. They delivered our safe and we are very happy. Will definitely refer them in the future. Thank you Atlanta Safe House.

Lloyd in Atlanta

Lloyd W.

Atlanta Safe House is Awesome!

May 2, 2020:
Summary: If I could give them 10 stars, I would. In fact, I do! ★★★★★★★★★★!!!
Here’s why:
I (was) in the market for a gun safe, and had been looking all over the internet to find out what to look for in a safe, and which brands are good. I also wanted to buy “All American” as I’m tired of supporting China. I also visited several local retailers to see what they had and check prices to see what fit into my budget. I was not satisfied by what I saw during my visits because most of the places had limited selections and/or didn’t sell safes as their main product, so they were not very helpful or knowledgeable. Then I found Atlanta Safe House.
I called and talked to one of the owners one evening and asked about a particular safe that I was interested in. She said that they had the safe and gave me the price, which was less than the price I had found looking anywhere else. I asked her if that safe was a good safe and she very honestly said no, it was not and proceeded to tell me the limitations of the safe, but then also told me of other safes they had that were close to the same price, but much better quality. I told her I’d come in the next morning to have a look.
I got there at mid-day on the next day. Introduced myself and reminded her of our call the previous evening. She took me to see the safe that I had asked about and showed me why she did not recommend the safe. Then she showed me the other safes she had mentioned, which really were much better quality and a little more expensive.
Then I asked her if these other safes were made in the U.S.A. She said no, that these were also made in China. I explained to her that it was important to me to find a safe that was made in the USA. She told me the price points of safes that were made in America and showed me some that were the closest to my price point (none of them were, but you have to pay more for real quality). After answering all of my questions about each safe, and making sure I had no more, she left me to think about what I had learned and mull over the various safes and their qualities, but also did come back periodically to check on me to see how I was doing.
Atlanta Safe House is a 100% non-pressure environment where they make sure you have all of your questions answered and are comfortable with what you’ve learned, then they leave you alone to decide what to do. They do come back to check in with you to see if you have any additional questions and spend as much time with you as you want, but they absolutely do not try to push you into a sale (I love that!).
Because I had a lot to think about . . . I was there for about 4.5 hours looking at the various safes, talking with my wife over Facetime to show her what I was seeing and telling her what I had learned. I (we) finally agreed on a safe to purchase.
I found my sales person (co-owner) and asked more questions about the safe that I was interested in. She answered all my questions in her honest, straightforward way. I told her I’d like to get that safe.
She wrote up the sales paperwork and I purchased the safe.
One thing I was worried about though, was how to get the safe into my home because it was a pretty big one, and heavy.
I determined that it would fit entirely in the bed of my truck, so the fact that I didn’t have the proper ropes/straps wouldn’t delay me taking it home (they do deliver and install as well).
Her husband (co-owner) came in later from making deliveries/installations that day and proceeded to wrap and load the safe for me with his assistant. I told him I was worried about handling the safe myself to get it out of my truck and into my home.
He gave me lots of tips on how to do it, what the attention points are, how the safe would act when being handled, and emphasized to not be in a hurry . . . take my time, use leverage and think it through. (He also said that it would be a good idea to get someone to help).
I got the safe home, devised a very safe way to get the safe out of my truck into my basement, onto my dolly and into my home, where it sits right now, waiting to be put into it’s final location.
He also told me how to bolt it down and minimally disturb the carpet that it would be sitting on.
He really helped me understand about the safe and how to install it myself, which really helped me feel more comfortable about purchasing the safe.
I will be installing the safe in just a few hours.
I can’t say enough good things about Atlanta Safe House and their staff. If you want to get a safe from anyone, go there and talk with them. They will give you 100% honest answers, provide all of the information that you need, answer all of your questions and spend as much or as little time with you as you want. For me, it was an AWESOME experience.

As a side note, I did get my neighbor to help steady the safe as I lowered it out of my truck. He said he needs to get a safe and I told him to go to the Atlanta Safe House!

Thank you Atlanta Safe House for such a great experience and for all of your help! I will (and did) recommend you highly for anyone looking for a safe!

Ray A.

If You Need A Safe

This place carries lots of safes in every price range, from low price to wish I could buy that.Alot of american
made safes and very knowledgeable about every product they carry. Jeff and his wife asked us about the level of security and plans we had for our purchase and showed us several safes in our range (pros & cons).
We are very pleased with their help and will recommend them to all we know. 5 STARS for sure!

Mike H.

Thank you safe house!!!

My husband and I recently purchased our safe from here and happy we did. Huge selection of safes from great to small. The wonderful couple that work there were so informative and helpful they made what we thought was going to be a difficult shopping experience easy and pleasant and we really appreciate that. We highly recommend this place.

Krist B

Excellent Experience!

From shopping the awesome selection to safe delivery our experience was professional and outstanding. We had great service in the store. The environment was low pressure, informative and the biggest challenge was narrowing our choices from the huge selection. Any questions we had were answered quickly and competently. We went home and did our research and chose the safe that was right for us. The ordering process was a snap and delivery was very quick. The team showed up when they said they were and moved our 1/2 ton safe in with ease. The guys stayed with me long enough to answer questions and walked me through the features and use of the safe. I would not hesitate, and will, recommend Atlanta Safe House!


A+++ Service !

The Install team that moved and installed my safe was exceptional.

I had a National Security 50 (Liberty) gifted to me, as such when it was delivered I naturally called Liberty Atlanta in Norcross, Ga to do the install. Well after 3 weeks of unreturned phone calls, I contacted the the Atlanta safe house.

Not only did the team from the safe house do the install for less, they were in and out in just over an hour, and did the work in a pouring rain storm.

Great crew, great service, will recommend to all I know.

Thank you Atlanta Safe House!

Daniel N.

Absolutely Fantastic!

I purchased a gun safe through Atlanta Safe House and things could not have went any smoother. Everything from the time I ordered the safe until the time it was delivered went off without a hitch and went very well. I am customer for life. I will Highly Recommend Atlanta Safe House to all of my friends and family, or anyone else needing a safe. It has been a long time since I was this impressed with a company, 5 STARS all the way!!!!!


Great experience

Jeff at Atlanta Safe House is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about his job and it shows. He informed us about all our different options, gave us space to roam around and think. We never felt pushed to make a decision on the spot.
The delivery process was a breeze and we would most definitely recommend any of our friends to find their perfect safe at Atlanta Safe House.


Safe House To The Rescue

Backdrop: First part of April (2019) we had a county sewer line in our subdivision back up – on a saturday no less. Result was a basement (built out living room / den) that was flooded in raw sewage. It was backing up through a drain in our basement used by the air conditioner and water heater overflow. Imagine a water fountain of raw sewage bubbling up out of your basement floor!!

The county watershed management officials (and a county commissioner) finally came out and they brought in the heavy equipment to clear the entire sewer line. The flooding finally stopped – but not before everything that came into contact with the slurry became a total loss – including my safe. The county water/sewer department and our commissioner agreed – they owned it. In addition to the safe, we lost book cases, file cabinets, an office desk, anything that was sitting on the carpet and was made of wood was a write-off.

The deconstruction and cleaning of my basement den began with a county contracted servpro outfit. Word of advice from experience: NEVER use ServPro, even to clean your driveway!! Meanwhile, I had to decide on a replacement safe. I had bought my original American Security safe in 1992, so finding a dollar-for-dollar, apples-to-apples matchup was impossible, not to mention sticker shock.

An ‘oogle’ search brought up Atlanta Safe House in Acworth. Given their vast inventory, a visit to eyeball everything was a must. Jeff Stallcup was awesome. He brought me up from 1992 to 2019 in terms of how safe technology and materials had advanced in 27 years. The sheer number of choices was rather overwhelming; it was worse than buying a car. Jeff was absolutely ZERO pressure. He was very thorough with comparisons between brands, and models within each brand. By now I was better enlightened, but still totally confused.

With product brochures in hand, and while my basement den was still in mid deconstruction stage, and being made safe to be in again, I narrowed down my choice – so I thought.

I paid Jeff another visit intending to buy a certain Browning safe that was on special only to find a Liberty Fat Boy Extreme Jr for two Franklins more – last year’s model (big wooo!) and for a whole lot less than this year’s model of essentially the same thing. It had everything I needed, and was configured for my needs. I paid for the safe and arranged for delivery at a later date when all the deconstruction would be finished.

Finally time to remove the old and bring in the new. Jeff and his assistant made the akward trek around my yard with this half-ton behemoth, and into the basement entrance. He unbolted the old safe and removed it. The floor was scrubbed clean and prepped for the new Liberty. It was put into place, holes in the foundation were drilled, and the safe secured.

Overall experience of the sewage flood: miserable. Overall experience dealing with Atlanta Safe House: outstanding !! For anyone who needs a gun safe or any kind of safe for that matter, if THE SAFE HOUSE isn’t your first stop, it will be your last stop!

I don’t always shop for safes . . . but when I do, I shop THE SAFE HOUSE.

S. H. Bond


The only word I can think of to describe Nashville Safe House is great. I looked around the showroom with no pressure, no one nipping at my heels trying to sell my anything. When I decided what I wanted all my questions were answered. The men that delivered my safe were professional, on-time, courteous. In other words, great. Anyone looking for a safe, start here and you won’t have to go anywhere else.

Steve in Nashville


Great Experience

As any of you who have shopped for a safe knows, it can be a daunting task. I’ve wanted a safe for years and have actively planned to buy one several times. But after wading into the research, I quickly became overwhelmed by the specifications and options and gave up. Then I visited The Safe House. The sales staff game me plenty of time to wander the showroom floor and look at the options. Then, they took all the time I needed to answer any questions and guide me to the right safe solution for me. The delivery staff showed up on time and were professional, courteous, helpful, neat and efficient. In less than an hour, they had my safe off the truck, placed, bolted to the floor, and showed me how to use the lock. I can’t recommend The Safe House highly enough. In this day and age where you often get less than you paid for, I feel like they took customer service to a whole new level.

Jeff from Huntsville

Fantastic Crew

The two gentlemen that delivered my safe where knowledgeable, and answered every question I had in detail. They were courteous and very careful not to damage any of my walls or floors. The Safe House should be very proud of the way these two represented their company.


Great Job!

Your team did a great job. I will recommend The Safe House every chance I get.

N Graham

I’m in America again!

I wanted to purchase a safe and had no idea where to start. I started looking online a couple of years ago and couldn’t find a dealer that had a showroom. Then one day I heard a radio ad for NashvilleSafeHouse.com on 99.7 WTN! I pulled up the website, found the address and made the trek from the country to Nashville on a Saturday. Mark was there and gave me some great advice. I got home, measured, ordered and had my Champion safe delivered within the week. The delivery team was extremely professional — they were so careful and deliberate getting the safe in the door and across the floor, and they made sure I felt comfortable working the lock before they left. That kind of service is hard to find these days. What Nashville Safe House advertises is what you get: Quality. Service. Attention to the details. They made me feel like I lived in America again!


Good Company

Very informative and helpful team at the Safe House. I would recommend them to anyone and will do more business with them in the future. I highly recommend letting them transport and install the safe. Trust me its worth the money.

John B.

Thank You

I just want to thank you for the work you did in helping me to fix the problem that I created. I should have known better from the start. I thought it would be so “easy” to just order my safe on line as I do with common household items. Obviously, after 5 trips home to meet the delivery people, paying an extra charge to get the safe from my driveway to my basement, then discovering that the lock didn’t function, and then being told they would “send someone out”, the error of my ways was obvious… even to me. It reminds me of the saying “If you think a professional is expensive, wait ‘til you see how much an amateur will end up costing you”. At any rate, the honesty, integrity, promptness, professionalism and good natured disposition of you, Dixie, and George made my dumb, expensive mistake considerably less painful. I am a customer for life, and please let me know if I can ever be of service or act as a referral! Thank you Again! Paul

P Rogers




Wonderful people and EXCELLENT service!!

Mark, Dixie, Josh, and Carlos from the Nashville Safe House deserve the highest amount of praise in helping me purchase and take delivery of my new safe. I strongly recommend The Safe House and its entire crew. Mark and Dixie showed tremendous patience with me while I shopped for my new safe. I never felt rushed or that I was not worth their time even after spending hours in the showroom, and all of my questions were answered with complete expertise. The shopping experience was painless, and The Safe House definitely has the best prices that I’ve seen anywhere. The excellent delivery service is worth its weight in gold. My safe was delivered promptly after being recieved from the manufacturer. Josh and Carlos displayed the highest amount of courtesy and professionalism and successfully delivered my 1,600 pound safe into some very tight quarters. They are very experienced and take great care in what they are doing. Take my word for it, the Nashville Safe House is THE place to call if you are in the market. Thank you to everyone involved at The Safe House for helping me acquire such a wonderful asset!!


Excellent service

I needed a safe pretty fast after a move. I called The Safe House and talked a bit with Dixie, I gave her the limiting dimension for my house and she gave me a list of safes to look up online to see what would best fit my needs. I visited the shop a few days later and Dixie helped me pick out the safe and accessories that would fit my needs. Two days later Carlos and Josh delivered and installed my safe. Excellent, polite and professional service by all.

Ron S.

Buying experience was great. Everyone

Buying experience was great. Everyone was very knowledgable and enthusiastic. I bought the safe when living near FT Campbell but was in the middle of a move to Georgia and they handled shipping my safe to my new home and safe arrived without a scratch delivered into my garage. Dixie and Mark were always available to answer all my questions. Highly recommend, will do business with again when the time comes!


Highly recommend!

My wife and I first visited The Safe House earlier this spring. We met Mark, who asked what we were looking for. After explaining to him what our needs were and our budget, he showed us a Browning safe that greatly satisfied our needs. We told him we were going to save up a little bit more and would be back. Well, the day we returned to make our purchase, Mark not only remembered us, but also showed us another Browning safe that we liked even better that was the same size with a whitetail deer design. But this one was $300 cheaper! It was a safe that had been returned by a customer who decided he didn’t want it due to a minor scuff that wasn’t even noticeable. On top of all that, the delivery guys were top notch too. They were very friendly and professional. So, I have nothing to say but good things about Mark and his business. He sold me a great safe and even saved us some money when it was all said and done. Browning was even offering a tax rebate on their safes at this time which was enough to cover the sales tax. I would highly recommend Mark if you are looking to buy a high quality safe from a very honest, respectable person. Thanks! Matt H. Brentwood, TN

Matt H.

Helped with a Crisis

My son forgot his safe combination. I called the Safe House for assistance since I am a satisfied customer with them. The next day I had the factory furnished combination. Excellent folks to do business with. Thanks, guys.

Gary G.

Excellent Customer Service

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service you all provided. Not only quality products made in the USA but going the extra mile to assure your customers are satisfied.  Your delivery crew was so friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond doing their jobs. My family looks forward to purchasing from you all again in the future and will no doubt recommend you all to everyone possible.

Thanks so much.

Julie in AL

The Safe House Fixed our safe !

We purchased our safe at a big box store, which was a BIG mistake.  We had problems with the safe from the start and the manufacturer did not answer our phone calls for over a month.  Found The Safe House and called and with in one day they had our safe repaired and operating.  We have since sold this cheap , low quality safe and bought a better , higher quality safe from The Safe House.  Thanks guys for your great service and honest answers to our concerns.

Marty , Nashville TN

Thank goodness we found The Safe House !

My family has been looking for a gun safe for months , everyone said “go to The Safe House” well we finally did and thank goodness we did.  Scott was very helpful and answered all of our questions and help us select a safe that we needed,  I agree with him about getting a safe bigger than we thought we needed, because we almost filled up the bigger one we bought on his advise.  Their delivery crew was great also, big guys but most of all they were nice and very careful  not to damage our home installing the safe.  Would recommend this company to anyone.     Cathy in AL

Very Stress Free buying experience !

The Safe House guys were very professional and courteous,  There selection of safes was very organized and the sales staff was very helpful and made the purchase of my safe a stress free experience.  I shopped at other dealers , from a place with safes in a garage in the back of the guys house to big brand name stores.  The Safe House has the best selection even if you put all of the other places that sale safes together, these guys are the best, they even took great care to place and anchor my new safe.

Mr. Watson , Brentwood TN

Awesome job moving my safes!

I wanted to write and tell everyone how great The Safe House crew was while moving my two safes from a rental to our new home. They arrived at the time they said they would, they were very professional and courteous the entire time , handled the safes with care , placed them exactly where I asked and asked if there was anything else I needed before they left. The last company I had move them scratched them up a little and didn’t have the correct tools needed to do the job right. I never have to worry about that again because I will always use The Safe House when I move my safes. Thanks for a wonderful experience guys!

Ray in Nashville

Wow ! Best Selection of Safes

Started shopping for a safe online and found The Safe House in Nashville.  Stopped by and the staff was very helpful and answered my questions and assisted me in selecting a safe that was right for my needs. I couldn’t believe the selection of safes they had in one location.  Had them deliver my 1100 lb safe and they installed it in my upstairs living area and never damaged a thing.  Great place to buy a gun safe !

George P, Franklin, TN

Purchase experience was Great

Purchase experience was great. Very helpful and what was promised , great from the purchase information to the delivery. Delivered on date and time as promised. Delivery service was great they called in route and your delivery crew were extremely nice and polite. Took extra care as to not damage safe or home. From purchase to completing delivery the experience was remarkable. Would use Safe House ago again in the future

Randy in Nashville

Great Safe and Delivery

A quick email to let the crew at The Safe House. I appreciate their friendly service and for answering my many questions over three visits to their showroom . I was amazed at how they installed my over 1500 lb safe in my basement and placed it exactly where I wanted it. Would recommend this outfit to anyone looking for a safe.

Will R in Goodletsville

Will R

Purchase was a FANTASIC experiece!

This is a great big SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to all the fine folk at The Safe House Company. I live in Connecticut and when I called I had lots and lots questions.  They patiently answered each and every one of them.  I tried to buy locally but no one even came close to the price, customer service and the “just made me feel so comfortable” I anxiously await the delivery of my new Browning GR26. Thank you again.

Harry in CT

This is the place!

If you’re looking to buy a safe, you need look no further! I came to The Safe House when I suddenly found myself in need of a gun safe and needed one in short order. Mark was not only a pleasure to deal with throughout the process, offered the best rates I could find and happened to have the exact make and model I wanted in stock, but when problems arose with the shipper in my home state? They handled the issues and worked darned hard to make sure everything was taken care of! It is because of customer service and dedication like this, as well as having the best selection anywhere, that even though I live in Upstate NY, they have made a customer for life and this is the ONLY place I will recommend to fellow gun enthusiasts to come for their safe(s)! As a matter of fact, I just requested a quote from them on a second safe.

Keith in the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY

Keith in Mid State NY

Highly Recommended

I purchased a Gardall Safe from the Safe House to store important documents safe from burglary, fire or severe storm. Mark was the most knowledgeable person I came across to answer my questions during my search. His line of safes and showroom is the best anywhere to see and understand what you are purchasing. His delivery and installation guys were professional and very careful in my home while installing the safe. My follow up questions after installation were always greeted in a pleasant and friendly way. I highly recommend the Safe House as the best place to research and buy a Safe for anyone.




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